In the year 2012



(a) Continuation of monthly e-newsletter “Voice of Senior Citizens” that is appreciatively received by more than four thousand concerned organisations and individuals across the globe. Voice of Senior Citizens is the only window available for English readers to get periodic news on the elderly of Nepal.

(b) Completion of student thesis, “Effects of Migrants on Wellbeing of Ageing Population in Rural Nepal”.

(c) Publication of New Year calendar containing motivational message of senior citizens in Nepal in collaboration with HelpAge International Nepal and Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN).

(d) Participation in capacity building workshop to support National Policy Responses to issues of ageing in Asia and Pacific held in Bangkok, Thailand.

(e) Publication of training manual for health workers concerning care of elderly in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP).

(f) Commemorated WEAAD in collaboration with government, International Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) and national NGOs.

• Conducted orientation/sensitisation programmes concerning elder abuse and population ageing in different colleges of Kathmandu Valley. 223 undergraduate students of five colleges were sensitized.

• Most of the Kathmandu population was reached with stickers, pamphlets, posters and booklets with messages on elder abuse.

• 90% of Nepal population was reached with talk show, interview, dramas and songs regarding elder abuse and neglect of older people through national Radios (Nepal Radio, Sagarmatha FM, and Capital FM) and TVs (NTV and Sagarmatha TV).

• Publication of article regarding elder abuse and neglect of older people in national dailies i.e. Gorkhapatra, Annapurna Post and Republica.

• Produced soft copy of Collection of Student Essays on Elder Abuse. • Many Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) like NEPAN, Sankalpa Nepal, Human Rights Alliance and National Senior Citizens Federation including National Human Rights Commission and Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare got committed to observe WEAAD at national level.

(g) Supported the thesis of two master’s level student of University of Sheffield, concerning nutrition and depression among the elderly of Pharping area.

(h) Started publication of 50 page bimonthly magazine “JyesthaNagarik” in Nepali with support from HelpAge International Nepal. This is the first magazine of its kind for senior citizens in Nepal.

(i) Celebration of First National Festival of Senior Citizens on October 1, 2012 in co-ordination with Manmohan Memorial Foundation, NEPAN and HelpAge International Nepal.

(j) Provided internship opportunity for students from Thames Int’l College, K&K Int’l College, Kathmandu Model College (KMC), National Integrated College (NIC), Kadambari Memorial College, Bright Vision Int’l College and Mega College.

(k) Observed 64th World Human Rights Day with National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and many other concerned organisations on 10th December. (j) Publication of first ever data bank, Year Book of Senior Citizens Nepal- 2012.