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In the year 2017

  1. Continued publication of monthly e-newsletter “Voice of Senior Citizens”.
  2. Continued publishing 50 paged bimonthly magazine “Jyestha Nagarik” in Nepali language.
  3. Organized Closing Ceremony of “Basic Literacy Class for Older Persons” in 5th January
  4. Continued partnership with HelpAge International.
  5. Participated to prepare report on “Entitled to the Same Rights” by HelpAge International.
  6. Observed World Health Day 2017 in partnership with HelpAge International.
  7. Inaugurated “Basic Literacy Class for Older Persons” in partnership with Karna Jayanti Foundation with support from Ageing Nepal Switzerland.
  8. Continued providing Ageing Research Fellowship for 3 Master’s Level students.