A group of Nepali social workers with varied professional background got committed to the cause of the ageing population and together established AGEING NEPAL (AN) in August 2011. Ageing Nepal is a not-for-profit Non-Government Organisation (NGO) registered with the government of Nepal and is also affiliated to the Social Welfare Council. Ageing Nepal is a member based organisation operated by trustees, member’s representatives and professionals. It draws on its wide network of members and professionals in and out of the country for accomplishment of a task with high degree of professionalism.


• To link ageing population and societal development by treating ageing as an opportunity for development,
• To establish sustainable system of social protection to guard against poverty in old age,
• To promote healthy, active and productive ageing through promotion of volunteerism among elders in particular,
• To meet the growing demands for access to quality health care, including long-term care for the elderly,
• To promote age friendly environment,
• To work with the government and other national and international organisations for the promotion of elders’ wellbeing.


• Empowerment of elders and promotion of their rights,
• Generate research based information to help policy makers and planners,
• Produce trained human resources in the field of Gerontology and Geriatrics,
• Take proactive measures against abuse and exploitation of elders,
• Work as watch-dog to safe guard the interests of ageing population.


With a life time of hard work, senior citizens of today deserve a dignified and cared for old age, not as a charity from the younger generation but as the right of their own. As elders are the living history of a society, it is important to utilize their knowledge, skills and experience for socio-economic development. Today’s youth should be able to plan for their happy old age and today’s elders should get a dignified and cared for life full of happiness. It is the vision of Ageing Nepal that elders of Nepal will have such environment with facilities and services to suit their personal need, capacity and the taste.

Major Areas of Work

Awareness building: Ageing Nepal publishes and disseminates materials for mass awareness building. It also works with state and private media; and social and professional groups. 

Consultancy services: The available expertise and its large network of professionals make Ageing Nepal a suitable organisation for developing concept papers, project proposals, conduction of research, survey, workshop/seminar, policy formulation, programme/project planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and other such activities for scientific investigation that are related to ageing population and their well-being. 

Human Resource Development: Ageing Nepal is poised to provide training for different groups namely health workers, teachers, old age home managers, care givers and other interest groups. Ageing Nepal works with academic institutions to promote research and teaching on ageing issues.