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Ageing Research Fellowship 2021

Monthly Discussion Forum on Ageing- Annual Report 2018

Voice of Senior Citizens, July Issue 2018

  Voice of Senior Citizens July Issue

Observance of International Day of Older Persons 2016

capture  IDOP 2016

Completion Report on action/2015Nepal Campaign

cover page for report action 2015  action/2015NEPAL completion report

Memory Training Report 2013

Memory Training Report 201301 Memory Training Report 2013

Nepal WEAAD report

Nepal WEAAD report01 Nepal WEAAD report

The problems of ageing in nepal


Voice Of Senior Citizens, July 2014 issue

 Cover Voice Of Senior Citizens, July 2014


In the year 2014



(a) Continuation of 50 page bimonthly magazine “Jyestha Nagarik”,

(b) Continuation of monthly e-newsletter “Voice of Senior Citizens”,

(c) Continuation of partnership with HelpAge International Nepal,

(d) Established BKS Elderly Empowerment Fund,

(e) Upgraded Source Book Of Senior Citizens for Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP),

(f) Internship opportunity for social work students,

(g) Production of awareness building videos,,

(h) Sensitizing general public through social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

(i) Publication of Year Book of Senior Citizens 2014.

(j) Prepared training manual for trainers on management of elderly citizens with financial support from Ministry of Health and Population.

(k) Observed WEAAD 2014 with the following activities:

  • Publication of pamphlet with data on reported cases of elder abuse from January 2012 – April 2014 on the observance of WEAAD 2014.
  • Radio and TV talk shows.
  • Publication of article in national daily.

(l) Publication of data book, Ageing Scenario in Nepal: From Policy to Development with financial support from HelpAge International Nepal.

(m) Publication of Alzheimer’s month special edition Jyestha Nagarik bi-monthly magazine.

(n) Production and distribution of IEC materials (pamphlet, poster, sticker, etc.) with central message on World Alzheimer’s Month 2014 in collaboration with local NGOs and GOOD Deeds (a Russia based NGO working for older persons).

(o) Observed 24th International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) with rage of awareness building programmes/events together with HelpAge International Nepal and other local organizations.

(p) Observed International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) in collaboration with HelpAge International Nepal, DP Net Nepal and other civil societies working on disaster risk reduction.

(q) Represented NGOs working for older persons in Nepal in the regional workshop (Workshop on Social Integration and Rights of Older Persons in the Asia-Pacific Region) held at UNESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand.

(r) Involvement in Nepal Ageing Survey of Ministry of Health and Population.

(s) Collaborated with University of North Dakota, USA for the student internship programme on social gerontology.

(t) Student orientation and research supervision and

(w) Successfully Completed Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign training.