In Reports

In the year 2020

  1. Continued publication of monthly e-newsletter.
  2. Continued Monthly Discussion Forum on Ageing (MDFA)-a common platform for sharing knowledge on ageing issues.
  3. Continued Ageing Research Fellowship- a programme that supports three Master/M.Phil level students to conduct their thesis on ageing issues.
  4. Conducting social and mass media campaign on COVID-19 and its preventive measure regarding older people.
  5. Participating in virtual, Inclusion master training conducted by HelpAge International.
  6. Awarded by King Sejong International Literacy Prize 2020.
  7. Participating in Memory First Aid Training.
  8. Conducting research on Dementia Care in collaboration with Bournemouth University and University of Huddersfield, UK.
  9. Started Food Support Programme with support from Ageing Nepal Switzerland.
  10. Conducting research on Socio-economic condition of older people with support from BKS Elderly Empowerment Fund.