Considering the lack of a platform for sharing knowledge, skills and ideas in addressing the issues of population ageing, Ageing Nepal in collaboration with Manchuka Memorial Fund and Senior Citizens Fund initiated Monthly Discussion Forum on Ageing in 2017.  The forum was inaugurated by Vice Chairperson of Social Welfare Council, Mr. Nilmani Baral, in presence of Chairperson of Senior Citizens Fund, Mr. Ram Krishna Karmacharya; Mr. Lumin Shrestha, Founder of Manchuka Memorial Fund with more than 25 academicians, researchers and representatives of government and non-government organisations on 25th November 2017.

In each last Friday of Nepali month, the forum provide platform for researchers to share the findings of their research on ageing issues. The forum is conducting virtually after the COVID pandemic. 

Till now, we have presented followings papers in the forum. 

  1. Issues of older persons in Nepal
  2. Status of older people in Nepal 
  3. Elderly people between migrant and non-migrant households 
  4. Socio-economic corelates of elder abuse 
  5. Review of senior citizens policies and practices in Nepal
  6. Proper exercise and nutrition
  7. Old age home, senior citizens and today's youth
  8. Psycho-social problems among elderly, Kathmandu valley
  9. Media response to older people during disaster
  10. Earthquake induced vulnerability among elderly people in Nepal (a case study of Thanapati VDC of Nuwakot district)
  11. Perception of elderly towards religion 
  12. Elderly abuse and mental illness 
  13. National survey on old age homes (OAH) and day care centers (DCC) in Nepal
  14. Depression and old age 
  15. Attitudes of youth towards the older people in the selected community
  16. Process and variation of population ageing in Nepal
  17. Depression and psychological wellbeing among senior citizens 
  18. Senior citizens' social security status in Nepal
  19. Mental health of left behind parents in Nepal
  20. Health service utilization among the older people: descriptive study from Kawasoti Municipality
  21. Ageing and adjustment of older people in old age home: A study of Devghat NRN OAH
  22. Challenges and opportunities of old age home in modern society
  23. Universal health coverage and mental health in Nepal
  24. A study on out of pocket health expenditure on chronic non-communicable disease among older population
  25. Quality of life, associated factors and perception of elderly people of urban community
  26. Old age
  27. The relationship between Metformin and cognitive impairment of older diabetic population: A systematic view and meta-analysis
  28. Senior citizens in Nepali society, culture and state policy 
  29. Health service utilization and its associated factors among older population in a Municipality of Rupandehi district
  30. Understanding frailty among older people living in old age home and the community in Kathmandu valley
  31. Prevalence of mistreatment among elderly by their family members and its associated factors in Gandaki province
  32. Mental health and quality of life of left behind older parents in Nepal: Does it matter where the children are? 
  33. Elder abuse
  34. Psycho-social wellbeing among old adult patients admitted with Non-communicable diseases in selected hospitals
  35. Perception of nurses regarding Geriatric care environment in selected hospitals
  36. Elderly mistreatment: abuse, neglect and exploitation in old age homes in Kathmandu
  37. Older adult care home in Nepal: loneliness and its coping mechanism
  38. Factors associated with health care utilization among the elderly population in Tansen Municipality of Palpa district
  39. Impact of COVID-19 on the elderly
  40. Laws, policy and evidence on quality of life of senior citizens of Kathmandu Metropolitan city
  41. Anxiety and depression among older people diagnosed with Glaucoma attending out patients department in public and private eye hospitals of Nepal