Our achievements list for this year

  • Continued publication of monthly e-newsletter “Voice of Senior Citizens” and 50 paged bimonthly magazine “Jyestha Nagarik” in Nepali language.
  • Continued partnership with HelpAge International.
  • Published Year Book of Senior Citizens 2015
  • Organized 10 days “Basic Orientation Training for Caregivers on Ageing” in partnership with Hope Hermitage Nepal and Ageing Nepal Switzerland.
  • Observed World TB Day 2016 in partnership with National Tuberculosis Center.
  • Observed World Heath Day 2016 in partnership with HelpAge International Nepal.
  • Observed International Workers’ Day 2016 in partnership with (International Labour Organization (ILO).
  • Conducted a Pilot Project “Involvement of Senior Citizens in Nature Conservation” in partnership with National Trust for Nature Conservation.
  • Continued Basic Literacy Class for Older Persons in partnership with NGO Committee on Ageing, United Nations, New York.